Health Care FSA and DRA Basics

If you participate in the Advocate Centered EPO or the PPO medical plan, it’s important to understand how your Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and your Deductible Reimbursement Account (DRA) work together.

What's the difference? 

Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

•  You must elect to participate in a Health Care FSA each year during Annual Enrollment.
•  You contribute pre-tax dollars through payroll deduction--from $200 to $2,700 annually.
•  You can use this account to reimburse yourself the cost of eligible health-related expenses (for you and your covered dependents) that are not paid by insurance or another benefit plan.
•  Any funds you do not use within a 14 ½ month period (January 1 – March 15 of the following year) are forfeited.

Deductible Reimbursement Account (DRA)
•  A DRA is automatically set up for you if you enroll in the Advocate EPO or the PPO Plan. 
•  Your DRA is 100% funded by Advocate; team members cannot contribute to a DRA.
•  Advocate contributes $400 for single coverage or $800 for all other coverage levels to use toward meeting your deductible.
•  You can earn additional funds in your DRA by earning a Healthe Rewards Credit – up to $800 for single or single + child(ren) or up to $1,600 for single + spouse/partner or family coverage.
•  Funds in your DRA are used toward meeting your Advocate EPO or PPO deductible; Tri-Star sends you a notification to approve reimbursement for claims.

If you are an Advocate EPO or PPO Plan participant and you elected a Health Care FSA

When to use your DRA
•  Use your DRA FIRST for reimbursement for expenses applied toward your medical plan deductible.
•  Do not use your Health Care FSA debit card to pay medical expenses that can be reimbursed by your DRA.

When to use your Health Care FSA
•  Use funds in your Health Care FSA at any time for qualifying expenses that will not be applied toward your Advocate EPO or PPO Plan deductible. 
     »  Dental
     »  Vision
     »  Prescription drug copays
     »  Over-the-counter drugs prescribed by a physician.

•  AFTER you’ve used all funds in your DRA, you can use your Health Care FSA to be reimbursed for expenses applied against your Advocate EPO or PPO Plan deductible.

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