Getting to Know Your Benefits: Life Insurance


Life insurance is an important way to help protect your loved ones. Advocate's life insurance benefit gives you and your family peace of mind and protection by providing funds to your beneficiary in case of your death.  

What's New
•  All eligible team members covered at basic life insurance benefit of 1X salary.
•  Higher minimum and maximum benefit level for team members.
•  Increased coverage limits available for optional life insurance. 

Advocate provides Basic Life Insurance at no cost to you.
•  Full-Time, Part-Time A or Part-Time B team members are eligible for this benefit after 30 days of employment.
•  In the event of your death, this benefit pays 1X your base salary to your beneficiary(ies).
•  The minimum benefit is $30,000 and the maximum benefit is $1.5 million.

You may purchase additional life insurance coverage at low group rates.
•  Optional life insurance is available for you, your spouse/partner and/or your children.
•  You pay the cost for optional coverage based on competitive group rates.
•  You can elect optional life insurance during Annual Benefits Enrollment.

Beneficiaries are VERY important:  Make sure your beneficiaries are up to date
A beneficiary is the person(s) who will receive the proceeds of your life insurance policy if you die. Since a main purpose of life insurance is to help ensure the financial wellness of your loved ones, you should make sure you name a beneficiary, and keep the information up to date. This will eliminate any confusion and avoid delays in getting your benefit to your loved ones. You can designate a beneficiary online in a few minutes with some basic information.

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Contact Advocate Benefits Service Center at 800.775.4784, M-F, 8am-6pm CT.