PTO Lop Off Scheduled for Pay Period 1, 2019


Processing for the 2018 PTO Lop Off will be in Pay Period 1 of 2019 (12/23/2018 to 1/5/2019). 

If your PTO bank has more hours in it than the allowed maximum annual accrual, those additional hours will be eliminated or “lopped off” during Pay Period 1 of 2019.

The lop off of hours will work like this:

  • Balance of PTO in Pay Period 26 (includes PTO taken and accrued) minus
  • PTO taken in Pay Period 1 (between 12/23/2018 & 1/5/2019) equals
  • PTO balance subject to the maximum annual accrual - lop off.  

After the lop off occurs, PTO accrued during Pay Period 1 will be applied to your PTO balance. This creates the best opportunity for you to maximize any accrued PTO benefit before the annual lop off.

Click here to check your PTO Balance. 

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