Balance Challenge


How it Works
The Balance Challenge runs from October 22 until November 18. The goal of the challenge is to report 15 activities of your choice each week for all four weeks. Each activity you complete is worth five Healthe Rewards Points! If you complete and track 15 activities each week, you will earn 75 Healthe Reward Points for that week!

Available Categories
You will be able to choose a wellness category to focus on. Once your category is selected, you will select three activities within that category to track for the remainder of the Balance Challenge.

Throughout the challenge, you can report the activities you selected on a daily basis. A progress display at the top of the challenge page will show a small avatar advancing through an adventure landscape, from a start position to a finish position, based on your progress through the challenge.

Get Started
Access your Healthe Rewards Page. To begin the challenge, log in and select the Balance Challenge icon.  

Call the Healthe You Solution Center at 1.800.937.5717, M-F,8am - 8pm.