.9FTE/Part-Time A positions transitioning to E9/N9 benefits status beginning Pay Period 1, 2019.


Effective Pay Period 1, 2019 all remaining .9 FTE/Part-Time A roles will transition to E9/N9 status. Because of this change, these team members will receive enhanced benefits. This is an exciting win, which is a result of a two-year initiative that has impacted a large group of team members. This is also important information to share with potential candidates to remain a competitive destination for skilled nurses.

Enhanced benefits include:

  • Lower out-of-pocket cost for medical plans, while maintaining the same level of coverage
  • Lower out-of-pocket cost for dental plans, while maintaining the same level of coverage
  • Ability to accrue PTO at a .9 rate
  • Education Assistance
    • Up to $5,000 annually for education reimbursement (eligible degrees, courses, and certifications)
    • Up to $7,200 annually for preferred educational partner programs