Retrain Your Brain WEEK 4: Your Hippocampuses


Your Hippocampuses:

Featured Activity: Colorful Words
Log in to your Healthe Rewards Page to race the clock and find 10 unique pairs of images hidden in a set of 20 cards. You'll try to remember what word you saw, as well as the color of that word. Don't forget to check out the other four activities available this week, too!

Stress Tip: Change the course of your emotional circuitry.  

Emotional circuits are the various reactions we form when we encounter environmental stress. They can lead to chronic stress because emotional circuits are responses to a stressful situation that will likely occur again. We can change our circuits as a way to release stress. See if you can identify the different ways you respond to stress triggers and attempt to change these reactions for the better. For example, when you've had a stressful day, you might often turn to food for security, which can lead to overindulgence. Instead, you might try a relaxation technique, such as breathing exercises.

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