2019 Benefits Key Changes

Advocate Centered EPO & PPO: DRA Change / Healthe Rewards Credit Increase

Sep 27, 2018, 14:08 PM
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Deductible Reimbursement Account (DRA) Change

  • A DRA funded by Advocate is automatically set up for you if you choose the Advocate EPO or PPO Plan.
  • Advocate puts “first-dollar” funds in your DRA that you can use for eligible expenses applied to your deductible.
  • In 2019, these first-dollar fund are $400 for team member and $400 for a covered spouse/partner.    
  • You can earn additional DRA funds by completing Healthe You activities.

Healthe Rewards Credit Increase  

  • In 2019, team members can earn up to $800 and a covered spouse/partner can earn up to $800, too, by completing Healthe You activities.
  • You will now earn a portion of the total incentive dollars after taking the Health Risk Questionnaire and completing an Initial Measures Screening.
  • These earned credits are added to your Deductible Reimbursement Account (DRA).  


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